In 2013 we were both working full time, commuting to jobs we hated and living in the cold Northeast. We wanted a change.  One day we asked ourselves “if we won a million dollars today, what would we do with it?” We discussed how we would like to move somewhere warm, buy a farm, pay off the mortgage, and quit our jobs. We didn’t have a million dollars, but we had a dream, and that night we created a two-year plan to get there.

Two years later, we sold the house, packed everything we owned into a moving truck, and moved from Massachusetts, where we had both grown up, to the Florida Panhandle, a place neither of us had ever even visited.

We bought a fixer-upper on 10 acres and got to work building our homestead.  We planted fruit trees, started gardens, got chickens, goats and bees, built a shed, chicken coops, a goat house and put up fence.  We learned how to milk a goat, how to make soap and cheese, how to extract honey, and what plants grow best in sandy soil.  We learned to take action, regardless of fear. Most importantly, we learned that in the interest of getting things done, we were going to have to accept some less than perfect outcomes, thus Mediocre Manor was born.  Our motto here at the farm is TAKE ACTION.  Our chicken coops are slightly odd looking and our fences are a little crooked, but the chickens don’t care and the goats haven’t escaped.

In 2017 Matt left his job to focus completely on his growing eBay business and our new online store, The Fancy Goat.  Our dreams of self-sufficiency, financial freedom and personal well-being are constantly evolving but the fortune cookie on the fridge reminds us “When you’re unsure what to do, just take the next small step”.

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